about me…

575201_3718181225981_1435170126_nHi, my name is Melissa Backus and I am a 21st Century Art Educator!  I believe that I can help student learn and utilize the 21st century skills they need to become highly educated and productive members of society.

I live in Dallas, Texas and I have a BFA in Sculpture from the University of North Texas.  I specialize in sculpture, fiber arts, watercolor, and 21st century skills.  I’m dedicated in helping students strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  I am in the final semester of my Master of Arts in Teaching program at Texas Woman’s University.  I have student taught grades K-5 and am currently student teaching 9th and 10th grade in Art & Media Communications, preAP Honors Art II, Sculpture I, and Sculpture II.  I feel that I would make an excellent secondary art teacher and am looking for a forward thinking school and/or district that supports the arts and 21st education.

This site serves as a way for me to reflect upon my reasons for teaching as well as my adventures in teaching.  I hope to use this space as a vehicle for discussing the ways in which I help students cultivate 21st century skills.  Please feel free to wander through the pages here.  This site is a work in progress, much like my life.  I am constantly changing and growing and this journey into teaching (and blogging) are shaping and reshaping me for the better.  

(photo by artist iO Tillet Wright)


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